The Club Scannán Sailearna committee are currently planning the Autumn 2020 season.

Given the challenging and uncertain context in which we find ourselves things are going to be different but we are confident that with the appropriate planning our members can enjoy another successful season of films in the Seanscoil.

As we plan a way forward we would like to hear the views of as many current and past club members as possible.

If you would your views taken into account please take a few minutes to complete this short survey in which you can share your thoughts.

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The Secret in Their Eyes

(El Secreto de sus ojos)

Director: Juan José Campanella
Argentina 2009
129 minutes
Cert: 16
Academy Award-nominated director Juan José Campanella returns to filmmaking with his first feature since 2004, having spent the last few years directing episodes for such acclaimed television series as Law & Order, 30 Rock and House. Set in his native Argentina, The Secret in Their Eyes is a suspenseful crime drama with a love story at its core.

Newly retired from his career in Argentina's criminal court, Benjamín Espósito (Ricardo Darín) begins writing a novel about a case from his past that continues to haunt him. In 1974, a beautiful young newlywed was raped and murdered in her home while her husband worked at the bank. Espósito was sent to investigate the horrifying crime. Looking at the gaze of a man in photos from the murdered woman's college years, a younger Espósito instinctively feels he has his killer. Tracking down the suspect becomes a personal obsession that draws him and his colleague, the brilliant but unreliable alcoholic Pablo Sandoval (Guillermo Francella), into ever-riskier situations. Beneath all the action is a reflection on justice and the meaning of a life sentence. Pain endures but so, too, does love.

Diana Sanchez, Féile Scannán Idirnáisiúnta Toronto 2009

Winner - Best Foreign Language Film, Academy Awards 2010