The Club Scannán Sailearna committee are currently planning the Autumn 2020 season.

Given the challenging and uncertain context in which we find ourselves things are going to be different but we are confident that with the appropriate planning our members can enjoy another successful season of films in the Seanscoil.

As we plan a way forward we would like to hear the views of as many current and past club members as possible.

If you would your views taken into account please take a few minutes to complete this short survey in which you can share your thoughts.

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Off the Beaten Track thumb
Director: Dieter Auner
Ireland, Romania 2011
87 minutes
Cert: PG


Off the Beaten Track chronicles a world in Northern Transylvania, untouched for centuries, struggling with profound change. Since joining the EU, Romanians can earn more in one month in Germany than a year in their traditional occupation, as shepherds. This documentary introduces us to a teenage Romanian shepherd. We experience a year of his life as he works shepherding, cutting hay, making cheese and dipping sheep. The drama of his life is observed in the minute: the purchase of a car, the selling of lambs, the departure for Germany, the dark nights on the mountain and the day to day routines.

The director, Dieter Auner, who lives in Moycullen, will be in attendance and will be available after the screening to answer any questions from the audience.


Off the Beaten Track thumb
Off the Beaten Track thumb
Off the Beaten Track poster thumb
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Off the Beaten Track thumb
Off the Beaten Track thumb
Off the Beaten Track thumb