The Club Scannán Sailearna committee are currently planning the Autumn 2020 season.

Given the challenging and uncertain context in which we find ourselves things are going to be different but we are confident that with the appropriate planning our members can enjoy another successful season of films in the Seanscoil.

As we plan a way forward we would like to hear the views of as many current and past club members as possible.

If you would your views taken into account please take a few minutes to complete this short survey in which you can share your thoughts.

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Blancanieves thumb
Director: Pablo Berger
Spain, France 2012
104 minutes
Cert: CLUB


A wonderful retelling of the tale of Snow White, except the context is bullfighting. A celebrated matador is gored by a bull causing his heavily pregnant wife who is among the spectators to go into labour. She dies in childbirth and the surviving infant is raised by a wicked step mother, but eventually rescued by a group of seven dwarf bullfighters. This wonderful silent black and white film has had rave reviews and picked up many awards on both sides of the Atlantic.

Blancanieves thumb
Blancanieves thumb