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(Áille an Uafáis)

Áille an Uafáis / A Terrible Beauty thumb
Director: Keith Farrell
Ireland 2013
90 minutes
Cert.: CLUB


Áille an Uafáis / A Terrible Beauty is a dark story which does not sit comfortably with the traditional lionised imagery of what transpired during the rising. Firsthand accounts of a British soldier, Irish Volunteer and civilian are interwoven to give a fresh perspective on the events of 1916.

Central to this docudrama is the reconstruction of the Battle of Mount St. Bridge at which a thousand marching soldiers, were caught in an ambush by 17 Volunteers and to quote the historian Joe Lee '13 volunteers took 231 Sherwood Foresters with them to their eternal reward'.

Áille an Uafáis / A Terrible Beauty thumb