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(Epizoda u životu beraca željeza)

An Episode in The Life of an Iron Picker thumb
Director: Danis Tanovic
Bosnia 2013
75 minutes
Cert: CLUB

Nazif barely makes ends meet as he searches daily for scrap metal while his partner Senada tends to their home and their two young daughters. A third baby is on the way but the pregnancy comes to a tragic end and Nazif is left struggling to pay upfront for the treatment that may save his wife’s life. In an inspired coup for cinematic naturalism Tanovic persuaded the actual family who experienced this true story to play themselves in the film, a move which makes it all the more impressive. This is not a comforting watch but is a universal human story at heart, a bleakly compelling family drama with a coldly furious edge of political protest.

An Episode in The Life of an Iron Picker thumb