Séásúr an Fhómhair 2020 / Autumn Season 2020
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Covid 19 Update

On the 6th of October the Irish Government implemented level 3 restrictions across the state. Under level 3 indoor theatre-based events are not permitted. This means that we have to cancel some of the films planned for this season and that our Autumn Season will not begin until 29th of October at the earliest.

A decision on this will be taken and announced here nearer that date. In the meantime we will be contacting all those who have already bought tickets in order to arrange a refund.


Stations of The Cross thumb
Director: Dietrich Brüggemann
Germany 2014
107 minutes
Cert: CLUB


A 14 year old girl’s commitment to the tenets of a conservative Roman Catholic sect is traced with a mixture of compassion, irony and a wicked sense of humour. The young Maria is dedicated to self-denial and is tormented by a fanatically observant mother. But then she has feelings for a certain boy, which she had to deal with.

Stations of The Cross thumb
Stations of The Cross thumb